Blog – 6th to 10th May

Unit of inquiry

 Moving further with the current unit of inquiry, students inquired into biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes like egg shells, banana peels, vegetable peel, garden wastes, chocolate wrappers, plastic bags, tin cans and toxic chemicals. As an extension, they brain-stormed and sorted the picture cards under biodegradable and-non biodegradable wastes and prepared a graphic organizer. Students also inquired into the process of making manure/compost at home.



 The phonic sound ‘n’ was introduced using various picture cards and objects.

Reinforcement of the sounds was undertaken with the help of audio-visual aids, phonic songs and puzzle cards.

Students enhanced their communication skills by reciting rhymes like ‘Farmer plants the seed…’, ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ and ‘The continent song’.


Reinforcement of different types of lines (curved, zig-zag, swirl and straight) was undertaken. Students pasted colourful sticker stones on the lines further enhancing their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

As a part of the early years’ skill-building programme, the students have been involved in a wide range of activities like transferring material with tongs, beading, Montessori paper clip activity, spooning of marbles, working with Pink Cubes and Brown stairs for dimensional awareness, transferring beans from one bowl to another and solving shape puzzles.

Pre-writing skills were also enhanced with the use of different materials like sand, slate etc. for tracing. Students used insets and frames to create shapes and drew different patterns inside them.



Art was integrated with Math with the reinforcement of different types of shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval and star) that was undertaken in a fun way. Students dipped the shape stamps in watercolors and dabbed them on a craft sheet.

Physical Education

Students are working on their flexibility as they work out different stretching exercises and the catching and throwing technique to further improve their hand-eye coordination.


The students learned about beat and rhythm and were able to differentiate between the two. The students also sang ‘Shake your sillies out’ –


Dance lessons focussed on the development of postures where students loved to showcase fine and gross movements of Jazz dance style.


Fawn was read a beautifully illustrated story ‘Goodnight Harry’ by Kim Lewis. The story about Harry, the elephant who had a terrible time falling asleep made an interesting storytelling material. His friends Lulu and Ted were both sleeping soundly on the bed, while Harry just couldn’t fall asleep. He tried everything, but then his friends woke up and helped him drift off into dreamland.

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