Blog – 22nd to 26th April

Unit of inquiry

Taking the unit further, an experiment was conducted to show that air, water, soil are important for plants. Few saplings were kept in an airtight container without water, soil and air and a planted pot was placed next to it. Students observed the airtight container and the planter every day and concluded that the plants were dying in the airtight container as they were deprived of soil, air and water.


An interesting activity of creating a terrarium was undertaken in the classroom too. Students created a mini plant habitat showcasing how an ecosystem works. It was also a great way for the students to learn how to take care of the plants.


The phonic sound ‘p’ was introduced using various picture cards and objects.

Reinforcement of the sounds was undertaken with the help of audio-visual aids, phonic songs and puzzle cards.

Students enjoyed the rhyme, ‘The farmer sows the seeds’.



  • Reinforcement of the concepts was undertaken through use of flash cards, audio-visuals and manipulatives:
  • Few/many/none was revised.
  • Big to small was understood with tactile sense.
  • numbers (1 to 10)- quantitative association.
  • backward counting (10 to 1).


As a part of the early years’ skill-building programme, the students have been involved in a wide range of activities like transferring material with tongs, beading, Montessori paper clip activity, spooning of marbles, working with Pink Cubes and Brown stairs for dimensional awareness, transferring beans from one bowl to another and solving shape puzzles.

Pre-writing skills were also enhanced with the use of different materials like sand, slate etc. for tracing. Students used insets and frames to create shapes and to draw different patterns inside those shapes.



Students indulged in colouring a worksheet on Earth day marked on April 22,2019.

 Physical Education

Students are learning rhythmic exercise which have helped them to further improve concentration, stimulate coordination and make them aware of their body and surroundings.


The students practiced singing a few songs and rhymes. They also sang the notes of the major scale (Do, Re, Mi..).


Dance lessons focused on the development of postures where students loved to showcase their fine and gross movements using jazz dance styles.


Students celebrated World Book Day on April 23,2019. The occasion aims to promote the joy of books and the art of reading.  UNESCO  selected the day to pay tribute to great literary figures like William Shakespeare. This day is also celebrated to honour global authors and celebrated books across the world.

Students celebrated the day by listening to the oral reading of the book ‘T for Terrible’ by Peter McCarty. The story about a T-Rex who felt bad being a terrible lizard and wondered if he would be sober in case he turned pink or blue, was a delight. He thought he was just like any other creature, having hatched from an egg. By nature, he was supposed to be a carnivore. He tried to understand what in him made animals run away from him….. interesting narrative!

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