Blog – 15th to 18th April

Unit of inquiry

Moving ahead with the current unit, students explored and inquired into the soil using a soil sensory tub for an activity. Students dug and hunted for random things hidden inside the sensory tub (like potato, onion, ginger, garlic, carrot, radish, pictures of ant, spider, rat, snake, earth worm).

As a follow up activity, a discussion on why soil is important to us was undertaken. The students concluded that soil is necessary to grow plants and is home to various mini-creatures.

As an extension, students were taken out for a nature walk to the school garden where they spotted insects in the soil (like ants, ladybug, spider) and collected things like dry leaves and flowers, twigs, stones, grass etc. Student observations were maintained as anecdotal comments.

Topography could be a lot of fun when it begins with hands-on activities. Going ahead with the unit, students were exposed to land, air, water as the three essential elements and natural resources and they further sorted out land, aquatic and aerial animals.



The phonic sound ‘e’ was introduced using various picture cards and related objects.

Vocabulary enhancement was undertaken with the soil tub activity- introduction of new words like earthworm, beetle, beetroot turnip, minerals, rocks etc.  

An interesting story ‘A cloud of trash’ written by Karanjeet Kaur was read to the students. A cloud of trash hung over Cheekoo’s head, which made her the unhappiest girl in the world. Students had fun going through the wonderful journey of Cheekoo to find out how she got rid of that horrible trash cloud.



Language was integrated with unit of inquiry wherein a Hindi story ‘Aaloo maaloo kaaloo’ was narrated to students. Through the story they inferred that there are a few vegetables (potato, carrot etc.) that grow underground too.



Students explored 2D shapes within the class environment while engaging in a ‘shape hunt’ game. They enjoyed discussing objects associated with the 2D shape ‘oval’ and pasted pictures of similar objects on an oval cut out.

Reinforcement of numbers (1 to 10) was undertaken with flash cards and manipulatives.

Reinforcement of backward counting (10 to 1) was carried out through a number flash cards and audio-visuals.

As a part of the early years’ skill-building programme, the students have been involved in a wide range of activities like transferring material with tongs, beading, Montessori paper clip activity, spooning of marbles, working with Pink Cubes and Brown stairs for dimensional awareness, transferring beans from one bowl to another and solving shape puzzles. Pre-writing skills were also enhanced by the use of different materials like sand, slate etc. for tracing. Students used insets and frames to create shapes and to draw different patterns in those shapes.


Art was integrated with Math wherein the students illustrated and coloured different patterns within the outline of primary shapes in their art files.

 Physical Education

Students are learning football skills to further develop their natural strength and endurance ability while playing. They are also learning to develop the habit and the understanding of team spirit as football is a team game.


The students engaged in a few vocal exercises after which they sang and practiced a few songs as a group.


Dance lessons focused on the development of postures where students loved to showcase their fine and gross movements using jazz dance styles.



Students were read a fast paced book titled ‘This is the bear’ by Sarah Hayes. The book about a Bear called Fred, who was accidently thrown into the bin and then taken to the dump made interesting narration. The little boy who owned the bear went racing to the dump to find him. He took the help of a grumpy dump worker and eventually found the bear and went home. The bear was excited and wanted to go on another adventure again.

The book used rhyming words and lovely illustrations that went hand in hand with the pace of the story to instil interest amongst young listeners.

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