Blog – 8th April to 12th April

Unit of inquiry

Continuing further with the unit on the Transdisciplinary theme ‘Sharing the planet’ students applied their logical thinking skills to sort man-made and natural resources and brainstormed to create a graphic organizer on natural resources. Students concluded the activity by discussing and understanding the importance of a few natural resources like water, soil, air, plants and animals.


As a part of media literacy and as integration with language, students watched the following audio-visual presentations-

  • Story – ‘The Earth and I’ by Frank Asch. The child in the story took students on an exploration about what Earth had to offer and how they could help preserve its resources.
  • Rhyme –


The phonic sound ‘d’ was introduced with various picture cards and objects.


Reinforcement of numbers (1 to 10) was undertaken through flash cards and manipulative.

Reinforcement of backward counting (10 to 1) was done through a hopscotch game.

As a part of the early years’ skill-building programme, the students have been involved in a wide range of activities like transferring material with tongs, beading, Montessori paper clip activity, spooning of marbles, working with Pink Cubes and Brown stairs for dimensional awareness, transferring beans from one bowl to another and solving shape puzzles. Pre-writing skills were also enhanced by the use of different materials like sand, slate etc. for tracing.



Art was integrated with the language where students coloured the outline of a dinosaur, reinforcing the sound ‘d’.

Physical Education

Students are learning balancing exercises and pose to increase the strength of their core muscles, improve body balance and coordination. Different body balancing poses were also practiced to improve their ability to react to sudden directional changes; to decrease the risk of an accidental fall.


The students understood the dynamics of singing in a choir and practiced a few action songs.

IMG_6778 Dance

Dance lessons focused on the development of postures where students loved to showcase their fine and gross movements in jazz dance styles.


Students listened to a story titled ‘Where is my teddy?’ The story about a young boy named Eddy who was off to look for his teddy called ‘Freddy’ in the woods was of interest to the tender fawns. To his surprise, he met a gigantic bear. He sat there wondering what made the teddy so big and cuddly and how would he ever fit the teddy on his bed. Suddenly a sound of someone coming near caught his attention; he hid behind the big teddy after finding out that he was face to face with a real gigantic bear who was also looking for his teddy. He held Eddy’s small teddy. Eventually, they grabbed their own respective teddies and ran in the opposite direction, back to their homes and into their beds. Simple yet an exciting tale!


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