Blog 6th to 10th August, 2018

Circle Time

  • Essential Agreements were made for a better learning environment at the beginning of the school year. Teachers and students collaborated to agree about walking in a straight line, washing hands before and after meals, keeping personal belongings in their cubby holes etc.
  • Pink Tower– The students were engaged in building a tower using the pink cubes from biggest to smallest. Stacking the cubes helped them in developing visual discrimination, coordination and precision.


The students were introduced to the sound ‘a’ through various picture/flash cards, audio visuals and objects from the class.

They enjoyed singing the rhyme, ‘brush your teeth’ that aims to aid language and communication skill development.



The students were introduced to the numbers 1 and 2 where they also associated quantity with objects from the class.


Motor skills

To enhance their motor skills, students were engaged in a wide range of activities such as lacing, making a tower using knob-less cylinders, lacing, outlining various shapes using colourful stones, knobbed cylinders and made tessellation patterns.

Students loved working with colourful play dough. Squishing, squashing, rolling and flattening play dough helped to strengthen their muscles.

Physical Education

Students have begun practicing different modes of stretching exercises to develop body coordination and improve their flexibility and strength.


Rhymes like ‘choti-choti jeevan gaadi’, ‘five little monkeys’ and ‘when you are happy and you know it’ were sung in  music class. Students also learned how to play congo.



Combination of exercises like jumping, crawling and hopping to improve loco motor skills were practiced during dance routines.



Students were excited to paint a snail using pompoms. They dabbed the paint soaked pompom on the outline of the snail. A peg was used for holding the paint soaked pompom which encouraged their fine motor grip.




The story was a fun introduction to animals and their characteristics, ‘ Dear Zoo.’ In the form of a letter to a zoo asking the in charge to send an animal (a pet) to the reader was an interesting format. Each page had a flap which carefully hid the animal sent from the zoo.  At the end of each page there was a simple reason why the animal was not kept back. After a variety of animals have been sent and returned to the zoo for being unsuitable, the zoo carefully contemplated what animal would be best and sent a dog, which was kept because it was deemed as perfect.

The story enabled students to identify how and what animals live in a zoo and raised questions about the characteristics of animals and their suitability as pets. The story prompted discussion about animals the students may want to keep as pets.

30th July to 3rd August 2018

A very warm welcome is extended to the Fawns. This weekly blog will give an insight into the Fawn A classroom and provide regular updates on the activities undertaken in class.

Students arrived with mixed emotions on the first day of school. However, as they settled into the new vibrant environment, they quickly got engaged in a variety of activities.


During circle time, the facilitators and the students introduced themselves to each other. How to mark their own attendance was initiated in class.

The students were also familiarized with the different learning corners in class like the ‘Reading corner’, ‘Role play corner’, ‘Green corner’, ‘Creative corner’ and ‘Reflection corner’.

Students were taken out for a school tour and nature walk. Rains during the week allowed students to explore insects, earthworms and dragon flies in the soil around the garden area. Different types of flowering plants were also pointed out. 

Students were very excited to spot butterflies, birds and squirrels in the garden and loved visiting the fish pond too.


Students loved the story session about ‘Bruno learns to share’ and ‘Tat the cat’. New vocabulary words were learned and their usage understood.


Colours (blue, yellow, red, green) were introduced through a fun game ‘hitting the skittles’ in which each student described the colour of the skittle that was hit by him/her.

A new number rhyme, ‘1..2..3..4..5.. once I caught a fish alive’ was also introduced in the class thereby improving skill of oral counting.


Motor skills

To enhance their motor skills, students engaged in a wide range of activities such as beading, pegging, threading, transferring material with tongs and manipulation of picture puzzles.PBIU4651

Physical Education

Students worked on the discipline of physical education class such as ‘walking in a straight line’ and ‘sitting posture’. They also discussed some essential agreements required during class.



The students explored various instruments in the music room. They loved singing songs like ‘choti-choti jeevan gaadi’ and ‘Insy-Winsy spider’. They also practiced singing their favorite songs on the mike.


Students have begun learning connections between upper body and lower body (steps). They also practiced dance routine on the song ‘gummy bear’.


Recycled paper was used to create tree, fish, flower and butterfly where the students tore, crushed and pasted colorful recycled paper thereby enhancing their fine motor skills. They enjoyed working as a team and willingly shared their material.